Little Sunshine’s Playhouse Offers An Extraordinary Early Childhood Development Program

Little Sunshine’s Playhouse was featured in an article published in 435 magazine. The following post was republished with permission. 

How Little Sunshine’s Playhouse offers an early childhood development program in Kansas that provides your little ones an experience that enables them to not only develop their imaginations but also truly love to learn.

Little Sunshine’s Playhouse & Preschool prides itself on having an unrivaled distinction in early childhood education. What sets LSP apart?

Rebekah Fosbinder, area manager: We’re different than other childcare facilities for several reasons!

From the moment you walk through the doors at Little Sunshine’s Playhouse, you enter a one-of-a-kind educational adventure where you feel at home. The warm, soothing colors and décor help create the unique “Once Upon a Time” experience we’re so proud to offer families.

At LSP, we understand staying connected and knowing how your children are doing is very important to parents so we have cameras in every classroom and outdoor play area allowing parents to check in and watch their kiddos anytime they want. We also send parents daily LuvNotes® emails so they can have a snapshot into their children’s daily activities and learning exercises.


Parents in our area are now able to choose from two great locations, which is very exciting! What are the differences between the two? 

RF: We’re very excited to be able to provide two options to families in the Kansas City metro!  Our Leawood and Overland Park locations truly complement each other.

The Leawood school has been in operation for more than five years and is tucked away and conveniently located on 151st and Nall. This boutique-style school has seven classrooms that accommodate children ages six-weeks through Pre-K. Our larger Overland Park location opened this past August and has a castle-like home on 135th and Antioch. It offers 10 classrooms.

Both private schools offer the same magical, educational environment and have a chef onsite who prepares a healthy breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack.

One of the parents’ main priorities when researching childcare is the educational element. What is the Reggio Emilia curriculum, and what does it provide children?

RF: Reggio Emilia is an Italian philosophy that supports claims that children are full of curiosity and creativity, ready to explore the world with a sense of wonder and awe. It suggests children are competent and active participants in their own learning.

Reggio is a very hands-on, project-based curriculum that focuses on the whole child. Through our curriculum, children develop cognitive, emotional, physical, and language skills throughout their time here at LSP. We believe the environment plays a major role in the child’s education, because of that, our classrooms act as a “third teacher”.


At Little Sunshine’s Playhouse, we believe a child’s work is play!

What should parents look for in an early childcare center? What do you consider key elements in a high-quality operation like LSP?

RF: The number one question we get from families is about safety. Safety is of the utmost importance and is a major component in our day-to-day operations. We have double-secured en-try at each of our schools and our families each have a unique code that provides them access. We also practice monthly drills including fire, tornado and intruder so our children and staff are always prepared.

Although we care for children six weeks to six years, many families seek out a preschool environment to ensure their child is ready for Kindergarten. Our pre-kindergarten readiness program prepares our oldest graduates for their Kindergarten journey. Our Reggio Emilia curriculum coupled with daily workbook exercises ensures a well-rounded foundation so your little one is ready for Kindergarten.

Rebekah, what has been the most formative experiences you’ve had in your work with young children and families at LSP?

RF: That’s a tough one because I continuously experience inspiring moments that remind me why I fell in love with early childhood education. I started as a teacher where I connected with children. I learned what they were passionate about and have strived to help foster that growth. It’s a feeling that I can’t easily describe. Teachers are a key component in how a child thrives in their learning environment. That is the absolute best thing there is!

Now that I am an area manager, what I love most is watching our teachers fall in love with their journey in the children’s lives.

Being a teacher is truly one of the most rewarding and heartfelt careers there is.

For parents who are interested in enrolling their children, what is their next step?

RF: Just give us a call to set up an enrollment interview. We’d love to meet you and your family and provide a tour of one of our schools!

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