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Setting Rules for Toddlers

As any parent of a toddler can tell you, enforcing rules is hard. Not only is it inherently difficult, but every family enforces rules differently. How can a parent be sure they aren’t being too harsh or too lenient? This article provides a few age-appropriate rules you can work on with your toddler and ways […]


2022 National Teacher of the Year

After receiving hundreds of nominees throughout the year and a ton of great feedback from families on the Teacher of Year Nominees, we are pleased to announce Ms. Jessica as the 2022 LSP National Teacher of the Year.


5 Ways to Teach Kids About Respect

Respectful people don’t materialize out of thin air. Treating others with respect is something that parents have to teach their children. Especially when it comes to raising respectful preschoolers, parents have to be very intentional in their efforts. If you are looking for ways to instill respect as a core trait in your children, here are some parenting tips to assist.