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Discipline by Age

Imagine your child reaches over and knocks a lamp off a side table, breaking it. As the parent, it’s time to dole out some discipline.

But let’s imagine your child is 11 months old. How does that change your approach? What if they’re 4? Do they get the same type of punishment as a baby? Probably not.


It’s Happening: What To Do When Your Child Throws a Tantrum in Public

If you are a parent, one day your child will throw a tantrum in public. Here’s the thing … it’s going to happen. And probably more than once. So that spike of fear you had reading that statement? Toss it to the side. Every parent deals with this, and we’re going to talk about how to get through the worst of it.


June 2021 National Teacher of the Month

This month we are pleased to announce that our 2021 June National Teacher of the Month is Ms. Mikayla of Little Sunshine’s Playhouse and Preschool of Leawood.