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Spending Quality Time with Your Kids

At the end of the day, acknowledge that you are doing your very best as a parent. Vague societal standards shouldn’t be the measuring sticks we use to define parental success. Whether that’s a 30-minute check-in at the end of each day or an hours-long activity once a week, look at what your children need and do your best to make sure everyone feels valued and loved.


Teachers & Parents Teaming Up: Principles of Reggio Emilia

Up until now, our series explaining the basics of Reggio Emilia have been focused on children. (Which makes sense.) But there are two very important groups of people who have to be involved for the goals of Reggio Emilia to work: teachers and parents. 


2020 National Teacher of the Year

After receiving hundreds of nominees throughout the year and a ton of great feedback from families on the Teacher of Year Nominees, we are pleased to announce Ms. Niki as the 2020 LSP National Teacher of the Year.