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Teaching Consent & Body Autonomy for Preschoolers

A foundational part of consent is the belief that a person is in charge of their own body and can tell others when they can and can’t touch or control them. That concept is something that children need to know as soon as they are old enough to understand. 


The Importance of Dad

Traditionally, dads are the playful, breadwinning parent — fun when they’re around, but they don’t act as the “main” parent. Nowadays, dads spend much more time with their children compared to previous generations and take a much larger role in taking care of the kids. But does any of that matter? Does his involvement amount to much? This article will share all the reasons why that answer is an emphatic yes!


The Best “Magic in Motion: Exploring Science Through Sports and Movement” Books for Preschoolers

The theme for June is “Magic in Motion: Exploring Science Through Sports and Movement.”  Here is our list of 10 books that support our monthly curriculum theme.