Pre-Kindergarten Program

Pre-Kindergarten Educational Program

At Little Sunshine’s Playhouse & Preschool®, it is our mission to prepare your child for a successful year in the wonderful world of kindergarten. Our skilled pre-kindergarten teachers help build essential skills by carefully crafting engaging activities that balance instructed learning and purposeful play.

Your child will be taught fine motor skills, reading, writing and math readiness. They will be able to retell stories and, in the process learn to sequence. Simple analogies are also introduced to expand critical thinking skills. Throughout their time in pre-kindergarten, your child will develop self-esteem, learn how to follow instructions, listen and communicate effectively, practice self-control, connect with others, manage bathroom needs and actively participate in physical activities.We consistently evaluate your child based on age-appropriate benchmarks in order to assess individual growth and development. 

The quality of learning and positive and energetic attitudes of the teachers is hard to beat. They genuinely get to know your child and care about their progress. It was an investment we are very happy with. We had our son in the Pre-K program for a year. He scored very well on his Kindergarten screening and will greatly miss Little Sunshine's!"

Development Milestones

Our curriculum is based on the research of the most renowned education experts.

5-6 Years Developmental Milestones
  • Stands on one foot for 10 seconds or longer 

  • Hops and somersaults 

  • Swings and climbs 

  • May be able to skip

  • Copies triangle and other geometric patterns

  • Draws person with body 

  • Prints some letters 

  • Dresses and undresses without assistance

  • Uses fork and spoon 

  • Usually cares for own toilet needs

  • Recalls parts of a story 

  • Speaks sentences of more than five words

  • Uses future tense 

  • Tells longer stories 

  • Says name and address

  • Can count 10 or more objects 

  • Correctly names at least four colors

  • Better understands the concept of time

  • Knows about things used every day in the home (money, food, etc.)

  • Wants to please and be with friends 

  • More likely to agree to rules 

  • Likes to sing, dance, and act 

  • Shows more independence

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