December Company-Wide Teacher of the Month

We have had an exceptionally busy month of December at Little Sunshine’s Playhouse! Everyone has been bustling with excitement over the Holiday Parties at all of the schools. This gave our wonderful teachers the perfect time to really shine in their classrooms. This led to many worthy teacher of the month nominations! The following women were nominated by their Program Directors:

  • Kate Schmitz, Southlake
  • Sarah Friesz, University City
  • Kristie Karlson, Colorado Springs
  • Danielle Holland, Ozark
  • Jennifer Snethen, Springfield I
  • Ashley Pemberton, Springield III
  • Lorena Villagomez, Rogers
  • Amanda Harris, Leawood
  • Patty Friedman, Scottsdale

If you see one of these lovely ladies working in your school, please take a minute to thank them for all of their hard work! Their dedication and drive is what makes Little Sunshine’s Playhouse the best! With that being said, it is our pleasure to introduce you to our December Company-Wide Teacher of the Month, Alyssa Roderick!

Alyssa works in the Toddler II Classroom at the Springfield II Little Sunshine’s Playhouse in Springfield, MO!

Program Director, Kelley Leggett, had the following to say about Alyssa, “Miss Alyssa is the Lead Teacher in our Toddler II classroom!  Alyssa demonstrates such a loving and caring spirit and has wonderful relationships with her students and parents.  One of her fantastic qualities that makes her such an integral part of the Claremont family is her superb organization skills!  She goes above and beyond to keep her room looking presentable and Toddler II’s classroom inspections are always very good and consistent.  Thank you Alyssa for all your hard work and for just being you!!!”

Alyssa began working with kiddos when she was still in high school at her school’s Early Child Development Center for multiples hours a day. After graduating high school Alyssa pursued her Education degree at Ozarks Technical College.

Alyssa enjoys working for the company tremendously, and credits the owners, director and all of her co-teachers to her continued success in the classroom. Her most favorite part of the day though is working with the best kiddos in the area!

While working with the toddler group, Alyssa loves the way these kiddos are just starting to talk and how fun it is to communicate with them. She loves watching them grow and learn new things every day and how excited they are to come to school.

One of her favorite curriculum projects that she has done was in the winter of 2013 and a holiday board she created. “It was a beautiful Christmas theme, from the trees to the Gingerbread House. The kids loved putting it together!”

Outside of work, Alyssa loves spending time with her husband and her family. She enjoys spending lots of extra time with her dogs and going on long walks! One special fact about Alyssa is that she is one of six children!