2014 Company-Wide Teacher of the Year

WOW! What a year 2014 has been! It has been a busy, successful and truly fulfilling year here at Little Sunshine’s Playhouse. Every single educator and management team member has contributed something special and lasting to our team. Our successes lay at the feet of our educators and we are lucky to have the BEST team in the industry teaching and learning with our kiddos every day. Throughout the year we had over fifty educators nominated at their respective schools as “Teacher of the Month” and  we ended 2014 with twelve spectacular individuals who we recognized as “Company-Wide Teacher of the Month”. From those twelve, we had a difficult decision ahead of us in selecting the “Company-Wide Teacher of the YEAR”. Through the collective feedback from our management teams and families, we were able to narrow our decision down to three finalists for this recognition; each caring, driven and smart, but most of all, they are adored their students and have continued going above and beyond in their classrooms and schools.

These finalists were:

  • Emy Cervantes: Rogers, Arkansas
  • Jordyn Aadland: Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Taylor Hardman: Springfield (III), Missouri

Nominations for each of these finalists began flooding in after we asked the  Little Sunshine’s Playhouse community for their help in making this decision. We sincerely appreciate each nomination that came in and they definitely reinforced that these teachers were the best of the best!

Emy had the following remarks on our Facebook page:

  • My vote is for Emy Cervantes! Not only is she a great teacher, but an amazing person overall who deserves this award!
  • Miss Emy, hands down! She has such a passion for teaching the children and making sure they understand. She has a gift, for sure. She has truly been a blessing since day one. Love having this rock star on our team!
  • Emy gets my vote; she is so passionate about the kids she sees and works with every day! It’s a joy seeing her come home with a big smile on her face and exciting stories to tell!

Jordyn also had wonderful words spoken about her:

  • Miss Jordyn gets our vote – she’s helped raise both of my children, and has always been a great resource for parenting tips, food ideas, and helping me stay on top of my little ones – they run to her with open arms. For what it’s worth – I’ve also never seen anything but a smile on her face – truly an asset to the LSP: Scottsdale team!
  • We cannot say enough great things about Ms. Jordyn! From our first day at Little Sunshine’s Playhouse – Scottsdale, she has been friendly, warm and always a beaming source of positivity. She was patient in gaining the trust of our now 3 year old and my 1-year-old has taken immediately to her classroom. Ms. Jordyn has a gift with her little ones and we truly appreciate all she has and is doing for our children. We are so lucky to have had her for both our children. She has our unconditional vote for teacher of the year! Good luck, Jordyn!

Unbelievable! We could go on and on about Emy and Jordyn, their families and peers love them both and had so many phenomenal things to say about each of them! Thank you Emy and Jordyn for all of your hard work and dedication at each of your schools. You are valuable assets to our team and we are extremely lucky to have each of you!


With that being said, we are beyond ecstatic to announce our 2014 Little Sunshine’s Playhouse Teacher of the Year, Miss Taylor Hardman. Taylor had an outpouring of love and admiration from friends, parents, staff and management that made her our choice for Teacher of the Year. Taylor’s love for her students is abundantly clear in the way she teaches and loves on her kiddos every day. She is never caught without a smile on her face and it is contagious to those around her. She brings light and happiness to everyone around her and pushes others to be the best they can be. Taylor says she has been teaching since she could walk, as she has three younger brothers that were her first students. She hasn’t stopped teaching since and Little Sunshine’s Playhouse wouldn’t be the same without her! We got the following remarks from family feedback about Taylor:

  • Taylor has our vote!! She is the most genuine and the kindest hearted person I know! I have no doubt she is going to make the best teacher! She is a wonderful role model! She knows how to relate to kids no matter the age! She is the most patient of anyone I know! She deserves this award without a doubt!! She is an amazing person inside and out! She is wonderful with her kids and everyone she is around!
  • We LOVE Miss Taylor, and we are so lucky that our two-year-old is in her class. My son is not only happy and safe in her class, but he is also learning a lot. Taylor is caring, responsible, hard-working, intelligent, and sweet. I appreciate everything she does for her students, their parents, and her co-workers, to echo Pam above. Taylor absolutely deserves this award.
  • Taylor Hardman is the most patient, kind-hearted, genuine woman I’ve ever met! She passionately loves each child in her class and makes the best of any situation. She deserves this!!!
  • We are so fortunate to have so many great teachers at our school! Taylor, you stand out to me because but I see firsthand, every single day that you are here the love, hard work, and creativity that you give to the kiddos in your class. Your energy and positive approach fuels our school and the children love to be around you. Your co-workers know that they can lean on you for advice and support. Our Cardinal team would not be the same without you!
  • I vote for Miss Taylor. Our daughter was struggling with the transition to her classroom until miss Taylor took over. She runs her classroom with the utmost care and excitement. She is truly happy to see the kiddos develop. She is constantly challenging them while nurturing them as well. She is absolutely awesome. In the words of my little one “miss Taylor my best friend”!

Congratulations, Miss Taylor! Thank you for all you do in the lives of your kiddos and families. It is evident how much you are truly cherished. We are so excited that your path led you to Little Sunshine’s Playhouse, Springfield III!