September Company-Wide Teacher of the Month

We’ve come to the end of another quarter and what a busy, but incredible time we’ve had! Enrollment is up and at its highest across the county and we are so fortunate to all of our families that allow us to be such a big part of their lives! Our educators are the best in the industry and we’re lucky to have them!! This month, the following educators were nominated by their Program Directors:

  • Bailee Harris, Scottsdale
  • Robin Barton, Springfield III
  • Kayla Starnes, Springfield II
  • Stephanie Brake, Springfield I
  • Katherine Namwe, Rogers
  • Joy Ward, Ozark
  • Judy Hertel, Colorado Springs
  • Charlene Cunningham, University City
  • Lynda Cunningham, Southlake
  • Danet Wolski, Gilbert

Congratulations to all of these deserving women! Thank you for all you do in and out of your classrooms every day! With that being said, it is our pleasure to introduce you to Ashley Tays, our Company-Wide September 2015 Teacher of the Month! Ashley is a Toddler teacher in Leawood, Kansas.

Leawood Management Team, Jackie and Callie, had the following to say about Ashley, “Miss Ashley has gone above and beyond over the last few months with transitions in her classroom! She works hard every day and no matter how hard her day maybe, she makes sure to never show it and always takes time to show her kiddos how much she loves them! Toddlers can be a challenging age to work with and she comes to work every day with a positive attitude and leaves every day with a smile on her face! She’s also very willing to help out her coworkers whenever it’s needed, which makes her such a wonderful team player. Ashley is a truly wonderful teacher that we have had the joy of watching grow and develop since her first day here.”

Ashley has been a part of the Little Sunshine’s Playhouse family for over a year and a half and she can’t even imagine doing anything else! She absolutely loves the kiddos and they make all of her days better!

She really enjoys the age group she works with, which is transitional toddlers. She loves how they are all coming into their personalities and are goofy as can be. Two sweet parents also had something special to say about Ashley,

“Ashley is so sweet, I don’t know how she manages that many one-year-olds all day. She is always so calm and you never see her stressed or frazzled. We really appreciate the consistency she has provided for all the kids! Ashley has really impressed me over the last couple of months. Her dedication to the kids is awesome and she is one of the few that Lucas jumps out of my arms to see in the morning!”

One of Ashley’s favorite curriculum projects was during the space unit. Her kiddos were able to do a lot of fun art projects and sensory activities!

Outside of work Ashley enjoys spending time with her dog, watching lots of Netflix and reading!!