June Company-Wide Teacher of the Month

We have had an exciting start to summer here at Little Sunshine’s Playhouse! June has been a wonderful time and we have had many hard working educators shining bright! The following educators were nominated by their Program Directors as Teacher of the Month:

  • Emily Apple, Scottsdale
  • Abi Johnson, Leawood
  • Morgan Thieman, Springfield II
  • Jenny McGinnis, Springfield I
  • Maggie Villamar, Rogers
  • Jessica Cook, Ozark
  • Emma Vasquez, Colorado Springs
  • Erika Clark, Southlake
  • Suzan Aziz, Gilbert

Congratulations to these talented women on receiving this honor from their school leadership team! We are very fortunate to have all of you in our classrooms across the country! Now, our June Company-Wide Teacher of the Month is, Miss Elizabeth Statler. Elizabeth is a PreK teacher at our Springfield III location in Springfield, Missouri.

Program Assistant Director, Taylor Hardman, had the following to say about Elizabeth, Miss Elizabeth goes above and beyond in her classroom. The love and commitment she gives our students is heartwarming. She is never caught without a very contagious smile and is always welcoming to families and teachers. We are thankful to have you on our team, Miss Elizabeth! Thanks for all your hard work.”

Elizabeth has been working with children for as long as she can remember! She’s done everything from babysitting, to working in a nursery at church to helping out with youth groups in her community. She has always had a huge heart for kiddos and began working at Little Sunshine’s Playhouse-Ozark in 2013 as an assistant teacher, before recently transferring to Springfield III.

She stated that she really enjoys everything about working at Little Sunshine’s Playhouse, but especially loves the fact that everyone is so supportive and the school really has a team feeling. She loves the positive atmosphere that is set for her as an educator, but also for the kiddos as learners.

Elizabeth works in the Pre-Kindergarten classroom and loves this age group because learning for her students is becoming more and more exciting. There is so much for them to do and learn every day, which is really preparing them for their futures.

One of her favorite curriculum projects is an art picture that her students created for Independence Day! They used paint, paper and a plastic fork to create fireworks; the children loved being creative and making their own kind of firework!

When she’s not teaching, Elizabeth loves spending time outdoors, taking walks, swimming, etc. She enjoys playing her guitar and spending time with her family and friends, which are two of the most important things in her life!

A fun fact about Elizabeth is that she really enjoys watching old movies and television shows. A few of her favorites are I Love Lucy, Andy Griffith and anything in black and white!