Little Sunshine’s Playhouse as Founding Donor for the Pediatric Brain Foundation

Rochette and Matt Dahler, founders of the prestigious national Little Sunshine’s Playhouse Schools, and their team of dedicated staff will now be leading the Pediatric Brain Foundation: to bring information, hope and cures to families caring for children with neurological disorders, injuries and cancers across the globe.

The Pediatric Brain Foundation focuses on all children suffering from neurological disorders, including those diagnosed with specific conditions such as autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and a myriad of others, as well as the 60% of children without a diagnosis.

The Pediatric Brain Foundation offices are relocating from Santa Barbra, California to Springfield, Missouri.

Rochette Dahler stated, “The work at the Pediatric Brain Foundation is an extension of the passion and dream that all children should be able to grow healthy and enjoy their childhood.  We’ve been in the business of cognitive development in early childhood for over a decade so stepping into the scientific side of neurological development and repair does not seem like such a leap from our day to day.”

Rochette Dahler, Matt Dahler and Nicole Carr have stepped into roles as executive board members and advocates for change in pediatric neurology and neuro-oncology with a personal mission; they want to lead the team that identifies breakthrough scientific research for cures.

The Little Sunshine’s Playhouse’s sponsorship includes nationally hosted fundraisers, ongoing local community involvement and focused awareness-raising through an extensive network of families nationwide.

If you have any questions about or would like to learn more about the Pediatric Brain Foundation, please visit them at!