December Company-Wide Teacher of the Month

December has been an exceptionally busy month here at Little Sunshine’s Playhouse! We had a wonderful and talented group of educators nominated for the Little Sunshine’s Playhouse Company-Wide Teacher of the Month and the choice was a tough one! The following women were nominated by their Program Directors and Assistant Directors:

  • Stephanie Barrios – Ozark
  • Stephanie Brake – Springfield I
  • Miranda Reid – Colorado Springs
  • Rebekah Bowman – Southlake
  • Jessica Deal – Springfield III
  • Kayla McGlothin – Rogers
  • Kristin Seeman – Gilbert
  • Olivia Hurley – Leawood
  • Soukayna Moumene – University City
  • Linda Effinger – Lakeway
  • Gillian Kinney – Willowbrook
  • Kayla Charboneau – Claremont
  • Rhonda Vinet – Littleton
  • Daevon Jackson – Alpharetta
  • Misty Anderson – The Woodlands

Congratulations to all of these nominees! We truly appreciate everything you do for the children in your care.

We are excited to announce that our December 2016 Company-Wide Teacher of the Month is Ms. Cloudia Darling from our Scottsdale, Arizona location. Cloudia is the lead teacher in the Preschool classroom.

Cloudia’s supervisor, Jenn Morgan, had the following to say:

“Ms. Cloudia has recently moved from the position of lead infant teacher into the preschool classroom as the lead.  In the short time that she has been in her new room, she has created a routine, curriculum and schedule that perfectly meets the needs of the children.  Ms. Cloudia has carefully taken time to get to know each child on an individual level and has created an environment that is capable of benefiting all of their needs.  Beyond that, Ms. Cloudia has sought to create a curriculum that is both hands on and academically challenging, and is age-appropriate.  Watching the children absorb the information that is being taught while developing a true love for learning has been an awesome experience.  Outside of her classroom, Ms. Cloudia has a fantastic work ethic.  She is always willing to help out, whether it be through helping clean a room or offering advice and suggestions to her co-workers.  Ms. Cloudia’s attention to detail, strong work ethic and obvious passion for children make her an ideal candidate for this honor.”

Please get to know Cloudia through her own words:

“My name is Cloudia Darling. I’ve been around children my whole life. My mom was, and still is, a first-grade teacher.  When I was not in my classroom as a child, I was helping in hers.  I did everything from grading papers to tutoring and putting up bulletin boards. When I was in high school, I tried working at a typical retail job and quickly found that it was not for me.  After graduating from high school, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  At seventeen, I finally landed my first job at a local daycare.  As I was furthering my education, I wanted to further my career in teaching as well and move out of daycare and into preschool.  So, I took to the internet, that’s when I found Little Sunshine’s.  I was so excited, I fell in love with LSP as soon as I saw the photos of the playground.  From that cute treehouse, I could tell that the school embraced the playful, imaginative side of children.  After my working interview, I knew that LSP would be my second home.  I started four, not so long, years ago;  I can’t express the amount of gratitude I have for all of the things I have gotten to love during my time here.  I have been honored, and trusted, by families to care for their most precious gifts.  I have watched many kids conquer countless milestones.  I have leaned on and been leaned on by my peers.  I’ve built lasting bonds with so many, my heart could not be fuller of love.  The best thing about being a teacher at Little Sunshine’s is getting to see the excitement on a child’s face while they are learning and having fun.  My favorite projects to do in my Preschool classroom are science projects, messy projects and multi-step projects.  Those are the ones where I get to watch my kiddos become completely immersed in their activity.  Last month, we made glaciers.  Earlier that morning, we discovered that glaciers are made from a mixture of ice and snow.  First, we used corn syrup to imitate the gloss of ice.  Then, we used fake snow to sprinkle on the top of our “glacier”.  When the project was complete, we discussed why we used each material.  I loved watching their eyes light up, as they realized their understanding of how a glacier is made. Having the opportunity to see that light shine so brightly on their faces is the reason I love education and teaching in early childhood.  When I am not in the classroom or working on things to better my classroom, I am typically found going on adventures with my puppy.  I like to spend quiet nights with my family, usually playing pool.  I have to express my gratitude for my peers, past and present, at LSP Scottsdale.  Without all of the amazing women who have helped to guide me, I would not be the teacher I am today.”