August Company-Wide Teacher of the Month

We want to send out a big congratulation to all of our August 2016 Teacher of the Month nominations!  All of these ladies and gentlemen are incredible educators and do an amazing job with their classrooms and children!  The following teachers were nominated by their Program Directors and Assistant Directors for this achievement:

  • Lizzie Snyder – Ozark
  • Jesika Favuzza – Chestnut
  • Kathy Endicott – Colorado Springs
  • Natalie Jones – Southlake
  • Kendra Skinner – Cardinal
  • Maria Soto – Rogers
  • Lois Haag – Gilbert
  • Kristen Smith – Scottsdale
  • Brittany Johnson – University City
  • April Bach – Lakeway
  • Sara Tucker – Willowbrook
  • Ryan Tharp – Claremont
  • Kaylee Ekstrom – Littleton

Congratulations to all of these nominees!  We are very thankful for all you do for the children in your care every day!

Our August 2016 Company-Wide Teacher of the Month is Ashton Horne from our Leawood, Kansas location.

Ashton’s supervisor, Rebekah had the following to say:

“Ashton Horine was voted teacher of the month by her peers for the month of September. Ashton has been an integral part of our team and was recently promoted to Head Teacher in April. Ashton has been a part of our infant and toddler team for 3 years, she is well respected by other teachers, opens the school each morning and handles all parent communication appropriately. Ashton has a personal relationship with each of her parents that exceeds expectations. She stays late when needed and has taken ownership of updating the nature center. We are proud to have Ashton as a part of Leawood LSP!”

Ashton knew when she started looking for her first job that she wanted to work in childcare.  Her mom had an in-home daycare from the time Ashton was an infant through her high school years.  She always enjoyed helping out wherever she could.  She worked at another facility for a few years before LSP.  “Quickly after starting at LSP, I knew this is where I needed to be. The atmosphere didn’t even compare to anywhere else.”  She is currently on track to have her CDA by the summer of 2017 and is looking forward to furthering her career with LSP.

Ashton enjoys the relationships she has with her students, parents and co-workers.  “We are like one big family here.”

Ashton currently works with toddlers.  She loves that she gets to help them achieve so many different developmental milestones while they are with her.  “Getting to see them start walking and talking seriously warms my heart.”

When asked what Ashton’s favorite curriculum project she has done in her classroom, she responded with, “Some of my favorite projects are from around the holidays. I worked with infants before working with toddlers. For Christmas, we made 4 coasters for each family. One with a handprint, one with a footprint, and a couple with pictures of them that were holiday-themed. We had a party and gave these to the parents. They all LOVED it.”

Outside of work, Ashton enjoys spending most of her time with her family.  She also enjoys photography!