April Company-Wide Teacher of the Month

Happy Spring! April has been such a successful month for every school we have on the map! Our Littleton, Colorado school opened its doors at the end of the month and Willowbrook is just weeks away from opening! We truly believe that Little Sunshine’s Playhouse has the best teachers in the business and are excited to welcome more educators on board with us. The following teachers were nominated by their Program Directors and Assistant Directors for this achievement:

  • Courtney Willoughby, Ozark
  • Stephanie Crone, Springfield I
  • Jasmine Kimbrough, Colorado Springs
  • Valerie Rivera, Southlake
  • Shelby Morlen, Springfield III
  • Tiffney Wilson, Rogers
  • Rachel Kent, Scottsdale
  • Ashton Horine, Leawood
  • Jessica Schlager, University City
  • Dandria Ramirez, Lakeway
  • Kiara Williams, Springfield II

Congratulations to all of these nominees! We are very thankful for all you do for the children in your care every day!
Our April 2016 Company-Wide Teacher of the Month is Sara Ernest from Gilbert, Arizona. Sara is the Assistant teacher in their Early Preschool classroom.

Sara’s supervisor, Andrea Jadar, had the following to say about Sara:

“Gilbert’s Teacher of the Month for April is Sara Ernest, our sweet Assistant Teacher in Early Preschool – Sunnybrook Farms. Ms. Sara has been an asset to her classroom and our school since she started with our school as a Teacher’s Aide. The love and care she shares and shows to our 2-year-olds and all other children who spend any time with her is special. Her smile can light up a room! We are so appreciative to have Ms. Sara on our team at LSP Gilbert.”

Sara has been working with children the majority of her life. She started in the church nursery, teaching classes of all ages; doing crafts with the children and just being around them. She absolutely loved being there with the children. Once she graduated high school, she started going to school for social work and early childhood education. Sara states that being with kids and pouring so much love into their lives is her passion.

Sara loves that Little Sunshine’s Playhouse is one big family! Most of the other places that Sara has worked did not get to know her on more of a personal level. “LSP is the first place in a while that I have been able to fit in, be myself, and work with some amazing people!”

Sara is in Sunnybrook Farm, Early Preschool classroom in Gilbert, Arizona. Her first day at LSP started in that classroom and she just fell in love with the children. When she was working at the church, she also worked with that age group. “I love this age because I feel like at the age of 2 & 3, kids are the most impressionable and you are able to teach them valuable things. Plus they say the best things and grow attached to us!”

Her favorite curriculum project that Sara has done in her classroom was the unit of Wordly Weather. She was teaching her kids about rain by watching food coloring fall from shaving cream rain clouds. Sara loved seeing her children in ‘awe’ while they were watching the experiment!

Outside of work, Sara really enjoys hiking, camping, and spending time with her loved ones. “They are such great support for me that I can’t help but be with them!”

One special fact about Sara is that she has been told she has an uncanny ability to relate or adapt to many different people and situations![/EXPAND]