March Company-Wide Teacher of the Month

What a busy month March has been! We have two schools that are right on the edge of opening and enrollment numbers have continued to break records.  Of course, none of this great success would be possible without all of our fantastic families and amazing teachers at each school.  Our educators are truly the best in the industry and we’re lucky to have them!! The following teachers were nominated by their Program Directors and Assistant Directors for this achievement:

  • Joy Ward, Ozark
  • Shannon Epperson, Springfield I
  • Emma Vasquez, Colorado Springs
  • Angie Dillon, Southlake
  • Kristen Wallace, Springfield III
  • Marie Soto, Rogers
  • Beth Reid, Gilbert
  • Claudia Darling, Scottsdale
  • Colleen Graham, Leawood
  • Marlene Najera, University City
  • Camore Hammonds, Springfield II

Congratulations to all of these nominees! We are very thankful for all you do for the children in your care every day!

Our March 2016 Company-Wide Teacher of the Month is Jessica Watson from Lakeway, Texas.  Jessica was promoted to Head Teacher a few months ago.

Jessica’s supervisor, Brittany Krempgies, had the following to say about her:

“We are excited to announce Miss Jessica Watson as our March Teacher of the Month. We were very fortunate that Jessica had previous work experience from our LSP Gilbert, Arizona location and has been an asset to our team since the day she started. Jessica arrives at work on time every day and always maintains a positive attitude. She welcomes new students with a smile on her face and always makes sure families feel confident leaving their children in her care. Jessica is constantly creating fun, engaging activities for her students and making sure they are challenged. Jessica was promoted to our Head Teacher several months ago and constantly exceeds our expectations with her willingness to be a team player, her loyalty, and overall attitude. We receive daily compliments from families and are constantly impressed with her work ethic and dedication to Little Sunshine’s!”

Jessica has always had a passion for working with children and knew that she wanted a career in the field. While in college, she majored in Family and Human Development but did not know where she wanted to go with that degree. She was a nanny for a family when Little Sunshine’s Playhouse- Lakeway was being built near that family’s home. “One thing led to another and I had become their two-year-old teacher!”

Jessica enjoys many things about working for Little Sunshine’s Playhouse, but her favorite part is the people that have come into her life. She treasures the bonds with all the children and each of their parents. Little Sunshine’s has also brought Jessica one of her best friends who had been a co-worker!

Even though Jessica is a head teacher, she has the opportunity to work in the preschool classroom daily. Jessica went on to explain, “Working with this age has been so rewarding! I love seeing how independent they become but they still need hugs and kisses! This age never fails to remind you just how smart and caring kids can be!”

Jessica’s favorite curriculum that she has taught in her classroom is Mountains and Forest. Her class went on a “camping trip” during the day and got to go hiking throughout the school and playground, then found their campsite back in the classroom! The children got to enjoy exploring a tent, telling campfire stories, and snacking!

Outside of work, Jessica enjoys being active and exploring Austin. She likes to go hiking, kayaking, or spending the day on the lake. Jessica also enjoys baking!

Something that no one would expect from Jessica is that she a Princess of a small foreign country and hopes to return to her parliament soon!