March National Teacher of the Month

The teachers at our preschool programs across the county are the game changers. They are dedicated, passionate and truly know how to engage each of their students every day.

The process of choosing just one teacher each month is tough, but we are pleased to announce that our 2019 March Teacher of the Month is Ajah Zicaro of Little Sunshine’s Playhouse of Colorado Springs! Here is some fun information about her and what makes her such a standout!

What age group do you teach?

What is the name of your classroom?
Enchanted Forest

What do you love most about the age group you teach?
I love teaching the pre-k students because I love helping them build fundamental academic and social skills so they can be successful once they go on to elementary school. I love being able to watch their imagination and excitement as they do various activities. I also love watching their brain grow as they learn so many new things. I love that they help my brain grow by sharing their wonderful ideas.

What is your favorite curriculum project you’ve ever done in your classroom?
We do so many wonderful and fun activities in our classroom, it’s hard to pick just one! Overall, no matter what the theme is, I love our dramatic play area the most. Each month I change the background, costumes, accessories and stuffed animals to match our unit theme. It is always fun to watch how they interact in the area with the items and with each other! Many times, watching the way they play and imagine things inspires me for other projects we can do in the current theme or for future activities. Sometimes they role play stories we’ve read, incorporate information we’ve learned, and sometimes they do something completely unexpected. It’s an ever-evolving part of our classroom and a favorite for all of us!

What do you enjoy most about working for LSP?
I love working at LSP because of all my years of teaching, this has truly been the best fit for my personality and my beliefs in education. I love the thematic units we do each month and the opportunity it gives to teach different things from around the world and even different time periods. I really enjoy both the freedom I have with LSP to teach my students the way I believe works for them as well as the support I feel from my directors, co-workers, and families in what we do.

Who and/or what inspires you?
My students inspire me each day! I really do believe that children are our future and I am so thankful that I am able to be a piece of their journey. I strive every day to teach students to know more than I knew at their age. I try to make it fun because I believe that by planting these seeds in their minds, we are building a better future for everyone.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
Outside of work, I’m mostly the same goofy, creative ball of energy that I am at work! I love making things. Everything from photography, to scrapbooking, to making costumes or crafts. I also love nature. I love going hiking or watching animals in their natural environments or at places like zoos.

Tell us one special fact about yourself that no one would expect.
Before going into teaching, I spent twelve years serving in the military. I served in the US Navy and the Air Force Reserve. During my military time I spent some years stationed overseas and was also part of some military campaigns. Most people don’t expect that kind of background from little old me, especially when I’m wearing a dinosaur dress!

We also want to say congratulations to all the nominees who are listed below. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!

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