March 2017 Company-Wide Teacher of the Month

We want to send out a big congratulations to all of our March 2017 Teacher of the Month nominations! All of these women are incredible educators and do an amazing job with their classrooms and kiddos! The following teachers were nominated by their Program Directors and Assistant Directors for this achievement:

  • Megan Bell – Ozark
  • Jordan Batson – Chestnut
  • Kristie Karlson – Colorado Springs
  • Shannon Dwyer – Southlake
  • Haley Hall – Cardinal
  • Maria Herrera – Rogers
  • Gennafer Padilla – Gilbert
  • Crystal Urrea – Scottsdale
  • Ashleigh Ficken – Leawood
  • Tiffany Carr – University City
  • Brittany Duke – Lakeway
  • Niki Rybski – Willowbrook
  • Dasia Helphinstine – Claremont
  • Kelly Bayles – Littleton
  • Annie Smith – Alpharetta
  • Amanda Lazo – The Woodlands

Congratulations to all of these nominees! We are very thankful for all you do for the children in your care every day!

Our March 2017 Company-Wide Teacher of the Month is Shelly Mabee from our San Antonio, Texas location. Shelly is the lead teacher in the Preschool room.

Shelly’s supervisor, Taylor, had the following to say:

“If I could describe Shelly in one word, I would use loyal. She has had her struggles being one of the oldest (yet most wise!) employees on our team, adjusting to our policies, ratios, technology integration, and teaching style and has absolutely flourished. She has never called into work and has worked through so many obstacles after having her co-teacher walk out on us. She told me that the reason she has stayed on board with us for so long is because of the leadership and support she is given daily. Her loyalty is simply unmatched and she deserves every praise. Shelly’s parents continuously brag on her stating their children have learned more in the two months of our school being opened than they have in the last year at their previous school. To say we are proud of Shelly is an understatement.

Shelly started working with children several years ago as a nanny to four-year-old twins and an eight-year-old. It was from that experience that she decided to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education and graduated in 1992. She has over twenty years of experience in education!

When asked what she enjoys most about working for Little Sunshine’s Playhouse and Preschool, Shelly replied, “I like the freedom I have to make the classroom my own and planning my own curriculum.”

Shelly works in the three-year-old classroom and loves how dramatic the children are. “They are old enough to problem-solve yet young enough that they have a sense of wonder about everything.”  Her favorite curriculum-project was during the Arctic unit. She dressed up in her husband’s Arctic survival gear. She loves anything hands-on.

Outside of work, Shelly loves to read, walk, travel, make jewelry and hang out with her husband.