April 2017 Company-Wide Teacher of the Month

It is hard to believe that summer is just around the corner! All of our schools are preparing for these busy months ahead. Our educators are the best in the industry and we are so lucky to have them!! The following teachers were nominated by their Program Directors and Assistant Directors for Teacher of the Month:

  • Jesika Favuzza, Springfield I
  • Ashley Riech, Springfield II
  • Brittain Shank, Springfield III
  • Holly Jones, Rogers
  • Aracelis Bermudez, Scottsdale
  • Lizzie Snyder, Ozark
  • Regina Brager, Leawood
  • Morgan Timmons, Colorado Springs
  • Briana McDonald, University City
  • Jen Sanders, Southlake
  • Lexi Flake, Gilbert
  • Stephanie Johnson, Lakeway
  • Gina Wilson, Littleton
  • Haley Haase, Willowbrook
  • Sami Snyder, Alpharetta
  • Chantal Salinas, San Antonio

Congratulations to all of these nominees! We are very thankful for all you do for the children in your care every day! Our April 2017 Company-Wide Teacher of the Month is Monica Sandifer from The Woodlands, Texas. Monica is an Infant teacher in the Green Gables classroom. Monica’s supervisors, Karri and Tracey, had the following to say about Monica:

“Monica was chosen by her peers and the management team for several reasons.  Monica has worked in every classroom in our awesome school.  Once she enters any room she jumps in with both feet and works hard.  She is respectful of everyone.  She is a team player on every level.  She makes our children and parents smile.  I love to hear the children call her name out loud just to make sure that she hears them saying hello.  There has not been one task that she has not completed with a smile on her face, and we ask a lot.  We adore her and so do our students and parents.  She is an awesome choice for Teacher of the Month.

Monica has been working with children for most of her life. She started babysitting when she was 14 years old and then participated in an early childhood program in high school that sparked her interest in early childhood as a career. She has worked in many preschools in May City, Montana since the age of 18. “The experience and knowledge I gained during that time made me realize that this was the career path for me, words cannot convey how much I love working with children.”

When Monica found Little Sunshine’s Playhouse, she knew she had found the company for her. “The staff is amazing, and the management is awesome.” She loves working for LSP and being a part of the family. She also loves working with infants. “I love that they are so excited to learn.  I love how everything is a new experience to them and watching them grow and learn.”

Outside of work, Monica enjoys doing anything outdoors like going to the lake with her family. She has been married to her “wonderful” husband for ten years. One thing people may not know about Monica is that she has a twin brother.