Back to School Ready

Everyone knows that feeling of the back to school blues. The days are getting shorter and bed times are coming earlier. Even if you attend school year-round, this is a definite season in every child’s life when we transition from summer to fall. As hard as it is on the kiddos, parents and adults alike feel the effect of this season change!

Getting back on schedule. Summer is an endless sunny day that we feel will never end, but fall perpetually comes knocking on our door every year, and every year we dread the shorter days and cramming life into less hours in our day. The best back to school cure? Begin your transition early! Start by making dinner earlier, have an earlier bath time, and then make sure kiddos (and parents) get in bed 10-15 minutes earlier than their normal summer schedule. Then, the next morning, do the same. Wake up and have breakfast another 10-15 minutes earlier. By doing this in smaller increments, by the time the sun is setting early, so will your kids.

Don’t forget about your favorite summer activities. While there are many more options for activities during the summer months, that is no reason to let go of them once the school year begins! Long walks around the neighborhood after dinner? There’s still enough daylight for a few more laps. Endless hours at the pool? Most public pools are open well until Labor Day weekend. Working fun and happy activities into your weekly routine will make the transition so much easier!

Start an achievement chart.  With a new academic year, brings new challenges. What do you all want to accomplish as a family and as individuals? Begin using any kind of table to chart how everyone is accomplishing their goals throughout the fall.

Begin a new family routine or tradition. Does your family have a hard time with being on time in the mornings? Or maybe you are never actually eating dinner at the same time. Make it a goal this year to work on things together. Make it a point to set out everything you’ll need in the morning: outfit, backpacks, briefcases, etc. Or make sure you’ll all home at the same time on Tuesdays to eat together and talk about your day. It’s the little things that will help your family start the year on a great start and have a successful autumn.