Leap Into Spring-Themed Educational Activities

The changing of seasons is a great time for kids to learn about what’s happening in the world around them and apply that knowledge in a fun way. Here are 10 spring-themed educational moments you can have with your children as winter shifts into spring. Each section starts with a spring-themed question, an educational resource to answer that question, and a craft to tie it all together. Enjoy!


  • Why do flowers bloom in spring?
    • Flowers are pretty, but what’s their purpose? And why are they everywhere in the spring? This video explains what you need to know about flowering plants.  
    • Activity: Coffee Filter Flowers 
  • How do plants grow? 
    • Plants put on a big display in spring, popping up out of the ground and returning to full color. But why? Watch this video together to learn how!
    • Activity: Carrot Strawberries 

Life Cycles & Baby Animals

  • Why are there so many baby animals born in spring?
  • Which animals come from eggs? 
    • Easter eggs, candy eggs … springtime is full of eggs! And that might get your preschooler wondering which animals come from eggs. This easy-to-read article clearly explains what kind of animals lay eggs and gives a few fun facts about egg-laying animals.   
    • Activity: Healthy Oatmeal Peanut Butter Eggs 
  • Why do butterflies appear in spring?
    • Beautiful butterflies are on full display during springtime. But why? Watch this fun video with your preschooler to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly. 
    • Activity: Butterfly Cupcakes 
  • How does a tadpole become a frog?
    • One of the wildest transformations in nature is the journey a tiny tadpole makes to becoming a frog. This video helps explain to young children how that happens. 
    • Activity: Jumping Frog

Special Animals

  • Why do birds fly away in winter and come back in spring?
    • If you stop and look around, you’ll notice there are a lot more birds in spring than in winter. That’s because many have returned from a winter migration. What does that mean? Watch this engaging video to explain the incredible journey birds (and other animals) go on every winter and spring.
    • Activity: Bird’s Nest Treat
  • Where do bunnies, chipmunks, and moles live?
    • Kids know their dog has a bed and can see birds’ nests in trees, but what is life like for animals living under the ground? Watch this incredible video of what living in a burrow is really like.
    • Activity: Bunny Butt Pudding Cups 


  • Why is it rainy in spring?
    • For many people, spring can be an especially soggy time. After all, “April showers bring May flowers,” right? Read this article to get all the details you’ll need when your child asks, “Why is it raining again?”
    • Activity: Cloud in a Jar 
  • What clothes do we need for spring? 
    • Getting dressed can be a confusing and complicated task for preschoolers. And if you expect them to think about how the weather affects their clothing choices, think again! To help them out, watch this video about what happens when the seasons change and how we as people adjust. 
    • Activity: Gather clothing and items that are used only during one season of the year. Throw them in a pile. Ask your preschooler to grab one and ask every time, “Do we wear/use this in the spring? Why or why not?” 

The changing of seasons is always a great time to engage with your preschooler about the world around them. Little Sunshine’s Reggio Emilia Philosophy believes that the environment around a child is an excellent teacher, and the spring’s arrival is a once-a-year opportunity for you to talk about any and all of the topics listed above. Enjoy leaping into spring and shaping the minds of your little ones.