5 Fun Ways to Beat the Summer Heat!

With summer just around the corner we find ourselves thinking about activities we can do to beat the summer heat.


1. Baking in the summer– Trace your little one’s hands on sugar cookie dough. After the cookies are baked, decorate them together for a summer treat.

2. Masking Tape Floor Race Track– Host mini races and the winner receives a prize

3. Edible cereal art– Glue and cereal are all you need to create a memory that will last forever. Ask your little one to make a picture of their favorite animal using only cheerios! With this activity you can let their imagination soar and create any work of art they please!


4. Color pasta to make necklaces Make a necklace for every member of the family!

5. Carpet Picnic-Spread a picnic blanket or tablecloth on the floor of your living room, pack a meal in a picnic basket, and have a magical meal sitting cross-legged on the floor. To help keep spills to a minim put drinks in water bottles or Sippy cups with lots of napkins.


Scottsdale, BrandeeBrandee Penson

Program Director-Scottsdale