Enjoy The Pool With Child Water Safety Rules From Little Sunshine’s Playhouse®

If you plan on taking your little one to the pool this summer, you want to make sure that they are safe and protected from the dangers of deep water and sun exposure. In this blog, Little Sunshine’s Playhouse & Preschool® provides some simple summer safety rules you can follow to make sure your child’s pool time goes swimmingly!

What Are Some Swimming Pool Dangers That Affect Toddlers?
While it is a difficult subject to discuss, it is important to know how prevalent unintentional drowning is in the United States. One in five people who drown are children who are under the age of 14. If your child is begging to go to the pool, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are following the proper precautions to ensure that you are doing the best you can to promote child pool safety. 

Common Swimming Pool Dangers For Toddlers:

  • Deep Water- If a child is swimming in a body of water or a pool that is deep, there is the risk that they could slip under the surface and not be able to get their footing to resurface. 
  • Improper Swimming Technique- If a child does not know how to swim and is allowed to go into the pool without supervision, they could become exhausted and slip underwater. 
  • Lack Of Floatation Devices- Children who are not strong swimmers or who are still getting used to pools should use flotation devices to help them stay above the surface. Lifejackets are recommended flotation tools. 
  • Medical Issues- Monitor children with medical conditions while they are in the pool. 
  • Electronic/Toy Use- Children and adults should not use electronics in or by the pool. Toys should be kept away from the side of the pool. Electronics can cause shock, while toys can cause slipping or tripping. 
  • Lack Of Supervision- If your child is in the water, you should be nearby or in the water with them depending on their swimming skill level, their comfort level in water, and any medical conditions they may have. 

How Can I Keep My Toddler Safe Around The Pool?
Keeping your child safe while they are in the water is a summer safety essential. If you are aware, you lessen the chances of your child getting injured or drowning. If your child is in or near the pool, make sure to adhere to the following toddler safety rules. 

How To Promote Swimming Pool Child Safety

  • Support- If a child is in deeper water, an adult should accompany them. The child should have a flotation device. 
  • Swim Lessons- Children should attend swim classes to learn how to swim in a safe, supportive environment. If your child has medical issues, you should always be present.
  • Know Their Boundaries- Know your child’s skill level and make sure that they don’t get exhausted while they are swimming. 
  • Sunburn Prevention- Make sure that you are applying sunscreen to your child regularly. Spray sunscreen tends to wear off faster, so consider using old fashioned sunscreen lotion. Make sure to reapply and let the sunscreen dry for the specified time before allowing them back into the water.

Staying vigilant can keep your kids safe while their having fun in the sun this summer!

Safety is also a huge part of the Little Sunshine’s Playhouse® experience. If your child is enrolled in our preschool, you can be sure that our caring staff members will supervise your child as they interact with water, animals, and all of the teaching tools that we utilize in our dynamic curriculum. 

To learn more about our commitment to safety, contact a location near you today!

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