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August National Teacher of the Month

The process of choosing just one teacher each month is beyond difficult, but we are pleased to announce that our 2020 August National Teacher of the Month is Ms. Stephanie of Little Sunshine’s Playhouse and Preschool of Chesterfield. 


The Best Transportation Books for Preschoolers

At Little Sunshine’s Playhouse, we recognize these tremendous benefits to children, and we strongly encourage and even expect parents to be involved in their child’s preschool education. One of the ways parents can be involved in their education is by reading to them aloud.


5 Ways to Help Your Children Succeed in School During Coronavirus

While many factors will influence how children perform in school during this fall, one of the most important factors is parental support. Showing your children that you’re excited about and supportive of their educational journeys, despite the added stress of COVID-19, will greatly influence how they react to their altered schooling this fall.


Six Questions About How to Talk to Your Child About COVID-19 Answered by Youth Psychology Expert

What does your child know and understand about COVID-19? Here are the 6 most common questions parents have about talking to the kids about COVID-19.