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Potty Training 101

While most people are busy making resolutions for themselves, parents are often making resolutions for other people. Namely, their children. And at the top of that “I’m gonna get it done this year” list for many are two words in all caps: POTTY TRAINING.


December National Teacher of the Month

The Teacher of the Month award is designed to recognize an employee that exemplifies our core values, which are compassion, humility, integrity, loyalty and discipline. This month we are pleased to announce that our 2020 December National Teacher of the Month is Ms. Peggy of Little Sunshine’s Playhouse and Preschool of The Woodlands. In talking […]


Children Are Capable: Principles of Reggio Emilia

Children Are Capable: Principles of Reggio Emilia  Think back to your favorite class in school. It can be as far back as kindergarten or more recently as high school or college. Do you get warm-fuzzies thinking about Mrs. or Mr. So-and-so and their classroom? Do you remember feeling relaxed and happy to be there? Now […]


Preschool Separation Anxiety During COVID-19

Today’s the day. Your kiddos first day of preschool. You’ve picked out the cute new outfit, you bought that adorable backpack, and your child seems just as excited as you are about going to “big kid” school.