What is a Preschool Exploratory Day?

At Little Sunshine’s Playhouse and Preschool, we encourage all interested families with preschoolers and pre-kindergarteners to participate in a trial exploratory day.  We schedule these for two hours during the most active period of the day so the child and parents can get a glimpse of our daily schedules, which include circle time, art class, outdoor play and so much more!

This important day servers many purposes.  It slowly introduces the child into a peer group allowing him acclimate, which reduces the potential for first-day intimidation.  This initial, shorter separation from the parents also reduces the potential for separation anxiety and prepares the child for the full transition.

Additionally, this gives our teachers the opportunity to evaluate classroom placement and ensure that each student is being assigned within the classroom setting that is most appropriate for them developmentally and academically.

We are excited to make this mutual investment of time and exploration for each perspective student to ensure we are able to appropriately meet and exceed both the needs of the child and family.

After the exploratory day, an offer for enrollment may be extended to the family with confidence our program is a great fit.

Visit our student admissions page to learn more about our admissions process.