Handmade Gifts for Father’s Day

Part of Little Sunshine’s Reggio Emilia Philosophy is the belief that children are collaborators in their own learning. One of the best ways to include your children in an active, educational way is by getting creative with them. For all the moms and spouses out there looking to build a special moment for your whole family this Father’s Day, roll up your sleeves, break out the crafting supplies, and get ready for some fun as you get creative with these 11 handmade gifts. 

Put It on Paper

As preschoolers learn to master their handwriting and coloring, use Father’s Day as an excuse for them to show off their budding skills. Here are three paper crafts that will be something dad will treasure for years.

  • Keychain Buddies – Immortalize your child’s depiction of dad and let him carry it around with him at the same time! These keychain buddies are a great accessory for any dad and will make every day a reminder that he is loved. 
  • One-of-a-Kind Portraits – Let your little Picaso draw their best depiction of dad for an art piece that can hang on the wall for years.
  • “Why I Love Dad” Book – Let your child share exactly why they love dad and keep it forever in a homemade book. Make your own, or use a starter template if you need some inspiration. 

Dad Rocks! (Literally)

What better way to let dad know that he rocks then by using literal rocks in your gift? Here are three easy ways to set the love you have for dad in stone. 

  • Rockin’ Photo Holder – Perfect for any dad’s office or workspace, these fun photo holders will give your kids the opportunity to get creative and will remind Dad every day of the important people in his life. 
  • Rock Beats Paper(weight) – It may be a digital world, but dads will never get tired of paperweights from their kids. Help your children get as creative as possible with these gifts. Is it just one rock for dad? A rock for every member of the family? Do you all look like normal, or are you drawn as aliens? Get crazy! (If you want.)
  • My Dad Rocks” Frame – Every dad needs to be reminded that there is a group of people who think he is the best — his family! Help your kids pick out and wash the rocks used in the frame, and pick a photo that reminds dad of how great he is.

Creative Crafts

Just like greeting cards, generic gifts are nice … but there’s something extra special about presents that are made with one person in mind. Use these three gift ideas as inspiration for creating something unique for dad this Father’s Day.

  • The Thoughtful T-Shirt – This creative craft captures a moment in your child’s life and lets anyone who sees dad wearing it know that he is loved. (Note: Because this craft involves bleach, be extra careful around kids.)
  • The Silly T-Shirt – While this shirt may be on the silly side, it’s really practical when you think about it! Create instant good times with dad while also creating a future keepsake everyone in your family will look back on with love. 
  • Handprint Baseballs – If the dad in your family is into baseball, this is the perfect gift for him. With these little trophies, he can let everyone know who the MVPs in his life are. 
  • Personalized Mug – Give dad a reason to smile every morning as he drinks his coffee. Don’t forget to sign and date the bottom so you and your family can look to see when these fun little time capsules were created. 
  • Candy Tackle Box – Regardless of whether dad is into fishing, every father will want one of these for Father’s Day.

There are lots of ways you can celebrate dad this Father’s Day. As you work with your kids to create gifts just for Dad, think about how those activities enrich their lives and engage them in the learning process. Creating these gifts can engage their writing and drawing skills. Giving small gifts gives them practice with being generous and social. And crafting with other family members lets them get their hands messy while learning how to be creative and work as a team. That’s a win for everyone!