Giving Back: Reading List

We have compiled a list of suggested books to read this month that go along with November’s curriculum theme, Giving Back. As a Reggio Emilia school we must ensure reading selections are age-appropriate. We encourage families to ask their children questions before, during and after the book. Encourage the children to play/act out the plot. Bring the books to life and make reading fun.

• 10 Fat Turkeys | Author: Tony Johnston
• 10 Turkeys in the Road | Author: Brenda Reeves Sturgis
• One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims | Author: B. G. Hennessy
• Sam and the Lucky Money | Author: Karen Chinn
• Thank You, Thanksgiving | Author: David Milgrim
• Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks | Author: Margaret Sutherland
• The Giving Tree | Author: Shel Silverstein
• The Night Before Thanksgiving | Authors: Natasha and Lyon Wing
• Turk and Runt | Author: Lisa Wheeler
• When Stories Fell Like Shooting Stars | Author: Valiska Gregory
• Bear Says Thanks | Author: Karma Wilson
• Hello Animals – Where Do You Live | Author: Loes Borman
• What Does an Animal Eat? | Author: Lawrence F. Lowery
• Who Lives Here? | Author: Nicole Davies