Creepy Crawlies: At-Home Activity

Firefly Jar


  • Clear jar with lid
  • Hammer and nail
  • 3-4 small leaves
  • 1 small twigFire Fly Jars
  • Sugar water (1:1 tablespoon ratio)


1. Thoroughly clean the clear jar and screw the lid on
2. Use the nail and hammer to puncture the lid three or four times (adult step). Make holes just large enough for air to enter the jar, but not large enough for fireflies to escape.
3. Remove the lid and place the small leaves at the bottom of the jar
4. Mix the sugar and water and dip the small twig in the sugar water
5. Place the twig in the jar and screw the lid back on

Once the jar is complete, your child can begin to roam the yard in search of fireflies to place in their jar!