The McCown/Carr Family are Bringing Little Sunshine’s Playhouse to St. Louis!

The need for quality early childhood education programs in the St. Louis metropolitan area was realized by the Little Sunshine’s Playhouse Corporate Office in 2007. To satisfy that need, they began their search for the future home of their first Little Sunshine’s Playhouse location in St. Louis. Much like other large metro areas, St. Louis commercial real estate proved especially difficult to come by and the hunt seemed never-ending. After years of searching, though, the perfect location was found in University City.

The University City location is being brought to the area by the enthusiastic McCown/Carr family. Though this is the first location owned by Michael and Lilly McCown and their daughter and son-in-law, Nicole and Andy Carr, their passion, experience and involvement with Little Sunshine’s Playhouse will aid them in being successful school operators.

Together, Michael and Lilly raised five children and are both active in their community. Andy and Nicole are raising their young family of five, with twin daughters and their new baby boy, all of whom are current Little Sunshine’s Playhouse students.

Nicole actually works for the Little Sunshine’s Playhouse Corporate Office, which is where her passion for early childhood education and community leadership took root. Her role within the company has evolved to become the Chief Operating Officer, where she has the opportunity to shape each individual Little Sunshine’s Playhouse program and provide leadership to school managers and other franchisees.

Thus, the family’s appreciation for Little Sunshine’s Playhouse extends from several aspects of their lives. Particularly, having their children and grandchildren enrolled and flourishing in the Little Sunshine’s Playhouse program has helped them to appreciate what an impact quality early childhood education has. Throughout their experience with Little Sunshine’s Playhouse, the entire family has fallen in love with the concept, philosophy and standards.

“Owning our own Little Sunshine’s Playhouse has been a dream of ours for years. When the opportunity to own in the St. Louis market became available, we knew it would be a perfect fit for us. As a family, we spend a lot of time in St. Louis and have seen the need for quality early childhood education, so we are thrilled at the thought of bringing the same level of comfort and quality that we have experienced with our children to the area.” Nicole commented.

Michael, Lilly, Andy and Nicole are passionate about redefining the standards of early childhood education and providing St. Louis families the absolute highest quality of care and education for their children.

To learn more about the preschool, please call 314-995-7204 or email