Summer Fun!

Fun, Fun for Everyone!

Summer is here, which means your kids may be telling you they are bored, having nothing to do, or just plain hot. Beating the heat can be easy and cheap with these seven water activities, and the great thing is, none of them require a pool!

Cold Potato

You will need:

Filled up water balloons

Pushpin or tack

Poke a hole is a water balloon with your pushpin, then pass the balloon around in a circle until the water runs out. It’s just like a game of “hot potato” only you and children are having more fun getting sprayed and trying to quickly pass the balloon before it runs out of water.

Bubble Art

You will need:

Bowls for bubble solution

Bubble solution

Tempera paints in multiple colors

Paper for your art

Set out one bowl for each color of paint you will use. Pour one cup of bubble solution into each bowl, then add a teaspoon of tempera paint to each. Mix the solution and color together. Now your child will use a bubble wand to blow a color bubble towards you. Your job is to “catch” the bubble, so it pops on the paper. The bursting bubble creates a unique splatter, and becomes a great work of art to hang!

Water Hose Limbo

All you need for this activity is a running water hose and some music. Try to shimmy under the running water as it is lowered after each turn. Your kids will have fun trying to see how low they can go.


You will need:

2 buckets

2 big car wash sponges

This game is fun and easy. Kids should stand four to eight feet apart with a filled bucket in front of them. Each child gets a sponge, and the object of the game is to throw your sponge into the other person’s bucket. You get a point for landing in the bucket, and you get to splash your opponent!

Ice Cube Painting

You will need:

Popsicle sticks

Tin Foil

Washable Paint

Ice Cube trays

Watercolor paper or Canvas

Place drops of washable paint in each ice tray and mix with water. Use your popsicle stick to stir the paint and water together. Fill the ice cube tray with water and wrap with tin foil. Poke the popsicle sticks through the tin foil so that each individual compartment of the ice tray has a stick in it. Freeze your ice tray. Remove the tin foil and ice, and begin painting on your canvas or paper. Your kids will love this creative way to paint!

Spray Paint

You will need:

Plastic spray bottles

Washable paint/food coloring

White sheet

Put a glob of paint in each spray bottle, then fill the bottles with water. Make sure to shake the bottles to mix the paint in with the water. Hang up a white sheet, then let your kids spray it to create unique works of art! The great thing is, they can even spray paint on each other, and it washes right away!


You will need:

Filled water balloons


Concrete surface

This game is great to play in the driveway. Take turns throwing your water balloons into the air and letting them splat on the ground. Make sure they break open, then use your chalk to copy the outline of the splat. Kids love chalk and water, so what could be better than a game that involves both?