A little girl playing with wooden blocks building a tower
  • Climbs well (24-30 mo.)
  • Walks up stairs alternating feet with support (24-30 mo.)
  • Runs easily (24-26 mo.)
  • Pedals tricycle (30-36 mo.)
  • Bends over easily without falling (24-30 mo.)
  • Separates easily from parents (by 36 mo.)
  • Expresses a wide range of emotions (24-36 mo.)
  • Objects to major changes in routine (24-36 mo.)
  • Makes vertical, horizontal and circular strokes (30-36 mo.)
  • Turns book pages one at a time (24-30 mo.)
  • Builds a tower of more than 6 blocks (24-30 mo.)
  • Holds a pencil in writing position (30-36 mo.)
  • Screws and unscrews jar lids, nuts and bolts (24-30 mo.)
  • Recognizes and identifies almost all common objects (26-32 mo.)
  • Understands most sentences (24-40 mo.)
  • Can say name, age and sex (30-36 mo.)
  • Uses pronouns (I, you, me, we, they) (24-30 mo.)
  • Strangers can understand most of his/her words (30-36 mo.)
  • Plays make believe with dolls, animals and people (24-36 mo.)
  • Sorts objects by color (30-36 mo.)
  • Completes puzzles with 3 or 4 pieces (24-36 mo.)
  • Understands concept of “two” (26-32 mo.)
  • Movement
  • Cognitive
  • Language
  • Social/Emotional
  • Hand & Finger Skills

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Early preschoolers (typically 2-3 years old) continue to explore the world around them. At this age, children are more mobile and enjoy discovering new things in their environment. Our interactive educational items stimulate the whole child. Including songs, puzzles, games, and interaction with their classmates to promote socialization skills. Routine and structure are extremely important for this age so we make sure to incorporate both into each child’s day. Additionally, we will actively assist with toilet training for any students and families who are ready to collaborate efforts while at school.

Our Creatively Shine® curriculum offers each child experiences in math, science, language, drama and music. Language development is rapid at this age, so we also take this opportunity to increase their vocabulary and put more focus on a second language. All lessons are presented in a way to help develop each child’s imagination by learning through play. Our students learn to sing the alphabet song, identify animals and begin learning rote counting. Social development is typically one of the more difficult concepts for young preschoolers to master, so we spend extra time on this with them. We introduce self-control and encourage sharing though a variety of group activities.

We consistently evaluate each child based on age-appropriate benchmarks in order to assess individual growth and development.  This allows us to communicate with families and set realistic goals that will set your child up for success and the pride that comes with achievement.

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