Let’s Make Snowflakes!

Borax Crystals are a fun way to combine math and science skills to create a beautiful art project. We have included the items you will need along with the directions below! Have fun and enjoy it!

Items you will need:


*Wide Mouth jar

*Pipe Cleaners

*Borax laundry detergent


*Boiling water

*Food coloring (optional)


First form the pipe cleaner into the shape you want, to make a snowflake cut your pipe cleaner into three equal sections. Then wrap the sections around each other in the center, to form the snowflake shape.

Next tie one end of the ribbon to one end of the snowflake and the other end of the ribbon to the pencil. You want to make sure the length of the ribbon is long enough to hang the pipe cleaner into the jar without touching the bottom.

Begin to fill the wide mouth jar with boiling water one cup at a time until there is enough water to submerge the pipe cleaner. For each cup of water add three tablespoons of borax soap, stir to dissolve. It’s ok if some of the soap settles at the bottom of the jar. To make colored crystals add a couple of drops of food coloring to the water solution.