Building Strong & Healthy Relationships

One of the most important things in life that I have found is strong healthy relationships. We build relationships with our families, our friends and our teachers. Each of these is very important to our growth as a person and life in general. We start building these relationships as soon as we make our grand entrance into the world. The immediate bond we make with our parents is the most precious bond that can be made and has the most lasting effect on our lives. It’s through that bond that we set the tone for all the other relationships that we will have in our lives.

Being that I work in the child care field I know the importance of strong healthy relationships between the staff of the school and the families. Parents want to know that their child is loved and cared for while they are away from them. Having strong bonds with the parents promotes trust and healthy communication, and in turn allows the child to know that no matter if they are at home or school that they will be safe and secure and most importantly loved.

Remember having healthy relationships is key. We thrive off of who and what is going on around us, so when were surrounded by strong healthy relationships then we ourselves will want to have strong healthy relationships.

Kelley Leggett

Program Director Springfield 2